Pursuit Of Excellent Medicine - Kids say the darndest things!

As medical practitioners we are often challenged with questions at parties and of course over the festive season with the increased intensity of parties the barrage is onerous. This Christmas was no different and I was asked to show my wenis by a 10 year old at a party. Somewhat taken aback and scrambling for time to get her parents attention I asked her how to spell it. Thankfully her mother noted my anxiety and somewhat rescued me. I say somewhat because her mother said “she could have asked to see your wagina”. I retreated quickly and headed for the bar telling the barman about my embarrassment. He rescued me by looking up Dr G and there they were! Wenis is an area over the olecranon that has reduced sensory innervation from the posterior cutaneous nerve-check it out- and the wagina is the cubital fossa (perhaps you can work out that one). Not main medical jargon but urban medical jargon that we all now face practicing in the digital age. With this reduced sensation over the olecranon perhaps it may contribute to onset of the Student’s elbow / Miner’s elbow that we conventionally know as Olecranon Bursitis. Happy New Year! For those with an interest in PEA there is a great recent review in LITFL and reserve the 27th Feb for a great workshop. Cheers, John

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